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Welcome to My Jubby, your premier recruitment platform dedicated to helping Emiratis discover and secure their dream jobs. At My Jubby, we specialize in the private sector, addressing the unique challenges faced by Emirati job seekers in today's competitive job market.

At My Jubby, we're not just a recruitment platform; we're a catalyst for positive change in the Emirati job market. Join us in our mission to help Emiratis find their true career path, empower businesses with top talent, and bridge the expectation gap. Together, we can shape a brighter future for Emirati professionals and the private sector alike.

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Our mission is clear: To bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, revolutionizing the Emirati job market by creating perfect matches that benefit both parties. We recognize that many Emiratis often find themselves in roles that don't align with their skills and aspirations, leading to high turnover rates. My Jubby is here to change that.

Closing the Expectation Gap

One of the core issues we address is the expectation gap that exists between companies and jobseekers. In the private sector, companies often seek candidates with strong personal branding skills and motivation, while Emirati jobseekers expect more competitive compensation, recognition through job titles, and enticing benefits. My Jubby's role is to align these expectations, ensuring both sides understand each other's needs.

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Empowering Job Seekers

At My Jubby, we don't just connect job seekers with employers; we empower Emirati talent to excel. Through our comprehensive training programs, we prepare candidates for interviews and help them unlock their potential in their desired roles. We're more than a job platform; we're your partner in professional growth.

Our Unique Pricing Model

At My Jubby, we are dedicated to making job seeking and hiring a seamless experience. For Emirati job seekers, our services are entirely free. We are here to support your career journey without any cost to you.


For companies in the private sector, we offer competitive and transparent pricing. We only charge companies after they successfully hire a candidate through My Jubby. Our fee typically amounts to around 10-12% of the employee's first-year salary. This performance-based approach ensures that you get the value you deserve.


Accurate Matches

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our rigorous vetting process. My Jubby meticulously evaluates each candidate to ensure they are the perfect fit for the roles we offer. Likewise, we vet companies to guarantee clarity about their offerings for job seekers. We take pride in providing accurate matches that result in lasting and fulfilling employment relationships.

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